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View From the Training Room

Author: Andy Wood

Click the link below to download the article published in ADVANCE for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine.  The article features Tim Macre, ATC, CSCS, a trainer for the Buffalo Sabres, discussing the role Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is playing in keeping their athletes on the ice.

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Ice Hockey: 10 Reasons to Consider More Power

The key to an effective modality in the training room is having something that is going to quickly aid in accomplishing clinical goals - and something that isn't going to disrupt flow.  Here are 10 reasons to consider a laser with more power for your training room.

Get FAST Results

Treat Larger Areas

Treat Multiple Areas

Achieve Chronic Pain Relief

Increase Compliance

Feel the Difference

Experience Versatility. 

Deliver Higher Dosages

Increase Referrals & Patient Satisfaction

Get the "Wow" Factor

Read more about these 10 reasons to consider more power here!